Student ID (OneCard)

The 海角乱伦社区 University "OneCard" identification card is a "smart card" used for library privileges, access to the Recreation Center, entry to athletic events, dining and meal services, purchases at the Bookstore, snack and specialty food items at the Roost and Roost Express, located in the Laker Inn (lower level of the Student Union), Starbucks Coffee (Bookstore), the Anchor Express convenience store in Ryan Hall. You The OneCard also gives you access to services such as copying and printing as well as the Pepsi vending machines.

The OneCard, works on a declining balance system. A student can deposit money onto their OneCard either by sending a check/money order to the OneCard office or by paying in person (cash/check/credit/debit). There is also the option to add funds electronically using the GET app.

Linking to PNC Bank Card

You can link your PNC Bank account to your student ID so you can use your 海角乱伦社区 University OneCard to get cash at ATMs. There is no cost for this service and you get the convenience of carrying one card around campus. For more information, visit the PNC website.

Frequently Asked Questions

    It is a multi-purpose identification card that accesses all privileges on and off campus. Students living in residence halls will use it to gain entrance. All students access meal plans and use it like a debit card for other spending across campus.

    You will have your photograph taken for your ID card at either a photograph location set up on campus or in the OneCard Office. New students attending in-person Orientation will receive their OneCard that day. All other new students or employees will have their cards printed in the OneCard Office and will receive them at that time.

    No, once a student is registered and an account is created, the card is activated according to the options selected during registration. Upperclassman will retain their cards and will be given all services permitted to students. The account balance will be maintained from year to year and does not need 鈥渁ctivated鈥 for use. The university has only one ID so no matter where the card was made or whatever program, it will work everywhere.

    Yes, by going to the OneCard Office during normal business hours or if a resident in one of the freshmen residence halls or Ryan Hall by seeing your on-duty RA. Temporary cards have a limited use and will expire after seventy-two hours.听

    As soon as possible, contact the OneCard Office and report the card lost. Using the online service through GET, you can also report your card lost. Instructions are easy to follow and reporting your card lost protects the funds you have on the card from unauthorized use. Funds depleted from lost cards that were not reported are not recoverable.

    Yes, you must contact the OneCard Office as soon as possible. Like a bank debit card your OneCard can access your OneCard funds. If the OneCard Office is closed, utilize the GET "Lost Card" feature. Failure to notify the OneCard Office will remove the possibility for investigation and possible reimbursement for any fraudulent transactions.

    You can use your card anywhere you see the OneCard logo. This includes:

    • Home Athletic Events
    • Copy/Print Stations
    • Grotto Commons Dining Hall
    • The Roost
    • The Roost Express
    • Hammermill Library
    • 海角乱伦社区 University Bookstore
    • Vending Machines
    • Ryan 501 Grille
    • Anchor Express in Ryan Hall
    • MIC Concession Stand
    • Caf茅 Diem in the CAE

    GET is an app available in the Apple App Store or Google Play store. Look for 鈥淕ET Mobile鈥 and download the app. When it opens, underneath the login section you need to find the 鈥淣ot Registered? Sign up now!鈥 wording and start the registration process. It is quick and easy, but works best when you set up your account using your computer browser. You must use your 海角乱伦社区 email address to register, but you can choose any password you want that meets the password requirements. Pick something you will remember. The OneCard office can help you if you have issues getting registered.

    • Bring cash/check/money order/credit/debit to the OneCard Office located in the lower level of McAuley Hall鈥攅ntrance is located at Police and Safety.听
    • Use the GET app to add funds 24/7 electronically.
    • Mail a check or money order to and include the student's name and ID number in the memo section:
      • 海角乱伦社区 University OneCard Office, 501 East 38th Street, Erie, PA 16546

    Cardholders can get their account balances one of the following ways:

    • In person at the OneCard Office during business hours.
    • When using any on-campus terminal such as copiers, dining areas, and vending machines (the cardholder will see a display of their balance).
    • The cardholder can use the GET app to see their balances, usage history and deposit feature.

    No, your OneCard is very sophisticated. Internally there is a computer chip and wires that allow the card to be recognized by the door access control system. Any changes to the card will disable and destroy the internal structure. Do not put any holes in the card.

    You must bring your card to the OneCard Office during working hours. Your card will be checked and the problem will be fixed. Cards that are damaged by misuse, overuse, puncture or hole punching will be required to be replaced and the fee of $35.00 will be charged. Any card that fails without apparent damage will be replaced for free.