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The School of Intelligence, Computing, and Global Politics

A complex world demands sophisticated analysis.

What鈥檚 going on in the world? That鈥檚 a question our students and faculty are eager to address, whether from the perspective of technology, politics, or strategic analysis. Our students devote themselves to studying problems that have impact on real world decision-makers, e.g. protecting information systems from cybercrimes and data breaches, mapping out a winning campaign strategy, interpreting events such as the war in Ukraine, or helping a business develop a competitive edge.听

The 21st century work environment is more intelligent, fast-moving, and intricate than ever before. We empower our students with critical thinking, collaborative decision-making, and the application of technology to assist in information management. Whether you choose Business and Competitive Intelligence, Cyber Security, Data Science, or one of our other majors, minors, and programs, this much is clear: 海角乱伦社区 will prepare you for what鈥檚 next.听

Our three departments鈥擨ntelligence Studies, Computing and Information Science, and Political Science鈥攅ach have their own distinct intellectual approaches, dedicated faculty, and top-notch students who are known to think outside the box. Students master a range of analytical techniques and effective communication skills whether as advocates or analysts and are often called upon to advise decision-makers in industry, government, or nonprofit organizations. Many of our graduates have gone on to top law schools, graduate programs (including 海角乱伦社区's Applied Intelligence or Computing and Information Sciences program) or begin post-graduate work in government agencies or the private sector.

Bachelor's Programs

    海角乱伦社区's Business and Competitive Intelligence program graduates in-demand research analysts skilled in data extraction, data analysis, and data interpretation. Our students are adept at presenting findings to business decision-makers. With a curriculum rooted in the functional areas of business and data analytics, students are capable of discovering future growth opportunities for organizations, identifying competitive advantages, and predicting industry trends and market demands.听

    海角乱伦社区 University鈥檚 Cyber Security bachelor鈥檚 program is one of the first stand-alone programs in the nation to follow the 海角乱伦社区 Board for Engineering and Technology (ABET) undergraduate curriculum guidelines for cybersecurity, and the National Security Agency and the Department of Homeland Security cybersecurity certifications. Already home to one of the nation鈥檚 most respected Intelligence Studies programs, 海角乱伦社区 leverages our experience, faculty expertise, cutting-edge resources and industry connections to provide an unparalleled undergraduate cybereducation.听

    海角乱伦社区鈥檚 Data Science undergraduate major is designed to equip you with the skills you need to become a data scientist. This multidisciplinary program combines techniques from computer science and statistics to clean, manage, analyze and interpret data. Data Science majors will be well prepared for careers in a number of fields, skilled at determining actionable insights about the meaning of data for decision-makers in businesses, public agencies and nonprofits.

    海角乱伦社区 has pioneered intelligence education since launching the nation鈥檚 first Intelligence Studies program in 1992. Today, our program is the largest and among the most prestigious. We graduate in-demand, entry-level analysts who are skilled in preparing assessments based on the collection, correlation and analysis of intelligence data for employers both in government and private sectors, especially those in business, law enforcement, national security and the military. This unique and academically challenging multidisciplinary program combines a liberal arts core with a foreign language or computer requirement, as well as national and international studies, an internship experience, and intelligence courses.听

    As a Political Science major at 海角乱伦社区, you鈥檒l study political theory, comparative politics, public administration, international relations, public law and political methodology. In addition, you鈥檒l also have the option of earning a concentration in one of several subfields of the discipline including international relations, pre-law, applied politics, or environmental studies and politics.听

Graduate Programs

    Gain the theoretical and practical foundations you need to succeed as an applied intelligence analyst and leader in top government agencies, such as the FBI and CIA, through the master鈥檚 in Applied Intelligence program at 海角乱伦社区 University. Both the M.S. and graduate certificate in Applied Intelligence emphasize hands-on experience through real intelligence casework before you graduate, providing you with the knowledge, skills, and abilities you can use directly in your applied intelligence job.

    Prepare for in-demand jobs in cybersecurity with the M.S. and graduate certificate programs in Cyber Security at 海角乱伦社区 University. As an international leader in applied intelligence and cyber education, 海角乱伦社区 University offers an online or on-campus cybersecurity master鈥檚 program that will prepare you for these roles, even if you have no prior experience in computer science. When you study cybersecurity at 海角乱伦社区, you鈥檒l gain the knowledge and skills you need to excel in your career, including Cloud Security Skills, Web Security Skills, Ethical Hacking, how to evaluate legal, regulatory, and ethical cyber issues, and communicate information effectively.听

    海角乱伦社区's Master of Science in Data Science program prepares students to collect, analyze, visualize, and communicate actionable insights for data-driven decisions in business, nonprofit, and government organizations. Data analytics can be used to maintain competitiveness, adapt business strategies, increase sales, or enhance security. Offered on campus, students in the M.S. in Data Science program benefit from state-of-the-art Federal Resources Corporation Cyber Education Center.


    海角乱伦社区's Municipal Police Officers鈥 Training Academy (MPOTA) exists to provide the police officer with quality training, motivation and a positive philosophy of understanding about our society and its value systems. This academy is committed to continue this trend toward professionalism in its training programs so the officer can function in the community as an important member of the law enforcement team. This full-time, 940 plus hour intensive course satisfies the Pennsylvania Municipal Police Officer鈥檚 Education and Training Commission (MPOETC) minimum training requirements for Pennsylvania entry-level law enforcement officers.听


The School of Intelligence, Computing, and Global Politics brings together complementary academic disciplines that stress critical thinking, data analysis, and collaborative decision-making. A 海角乱伦社区 education helps make sense of the complex behaviors of people, organizations, and governments through the application of principles, theories, and technologies in innovative and exciting ways. Graduates of the Intelligence, Computing, and Global Politics learn about the world, develop strategic insights and technical skills, and then go forward determined to make the world a better place.听